As well as bespoke joinery, we also offer a more affordable hardwood casement window. These are made to the exact same high standard, just a bit easier on the wallet. They are made to order at any size or colour, and offer excellent security and u-values. They fully comply with current building regulations and are supplied using hardwood as standard

Why are they cheaper?

We can afford to produce these excellent windows at a lower cost because of volume and investments in specialised tooling 


We can supply pre-glazed or without glass. Glazed options will come with 24mm soft e, argon filled, double glazed units as standard, which have a u-value of 1.2, well within regulations


Our stormproof range come with multi-point locks as standard with a locking handle. All openers are hung on egress friction hinges 

Seals and ventilation

Fully weather stripped, you wont get any drafts coming in. Trickle vents fitted as standard to comply with regulation 

Paint finish

 As with all our products we can supply these windows fully painted if required. All paint is sprayed leaving an excellent finish. We use a high quality micro-pouras paint insuring the timber can breath, essential if you want to avoid rot. The paint is also flexible, so it wont crack or peel when the timber shrinks or expands. 

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